Written by Sarah Vanek.




It’s there in the person who

Makes you feel safe.


It’s there in the one who

Does the right thing.


It’s there in the heart

That puts others first.


It’s there in the life

That’s lived with a purpose.


It’s within those who give up,

so that others may gain.


It’s within ones who live life



It’s within people who

Are willing to serve with their all.


It’s within those who

Aren’t afraid to be small.


It’s taught to the person

Who is willing to learn.


It’s taught to the ones

Who are willing to serve.


It’s taught to the people

who will work hard.


It’s taught to those

Willing to give of their heart.


It’s not about status,

Or personal gain.


It’s not about money,

Or being on the big stage.


It’s not about barking orders,

Or bringing others down.


It’s not about flattery,

Or being the best around.


It’s about loving,

And giving of yourself.


It’s about helping others

To reach their goals.


It’s about honesty,

And gentle admonition.


It’s about constantly

Living life on a mission.